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Credit card and loan services

Get support managing your debit and credit cards and loans.

Debit and credit card support
We’re here to help you manage your Patelco credit and debit cards. Learn how to:
  • File a claim or dispute a transaction
  • Use your contactless card
  • Notify us when you’re traveling
  • Transfer balances
  • Access your Mastercard® benefits
Debit & Credit Card Services Debit and credit card support
Auto and personal loan support

We have answers to questions about your auto and personal loan.

Mortgage and home loan servicing support
For all assistance with mortgages, HELOCs, and home equity loans.
Home Loan Servicing Mortgage and home loan servicing support

Loan Services

Mortgage Support

Manage your mortgage online, make payments and update your policy. Get help managing your home loan.

Loan Deferrals

Contact us to request a loan deferral.

Hardship Assistance

Experiencing financial challenges? Explore our resources for hardship assistance.


Get rewarded for making on-time payments with our LevelUp program.

Switch to Save

Trying to pay off your debt sooner? Learn how Patelco can help you with Switch to Save™.

Balance Transfers

Consolidate your debt with a no-fee balance transfer.

Manage your Patelco account on the go

With our top-rated Mobile App, you can check your balance, make payments, transfer money and more.


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